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Does Lear Capital Check all the Boxes


Buying precious metals as a backing to a self-directed IRA can prove a risky venture, particularly if you source online. Unverified third parties can often push counterfeit coinage or bullion with a purity that doesn’t meet IRS code but instead is fabricated. In order to be sure the silver or gold you receive is legitimate, it takes due diligence in researching to find vendors or firms who deal directly with depositories approved by the IRS.

One of those would be Lear Capital in business for over 20 years, helping individuals develop their precious metal self-directed IRA to help establish a balanced retirement account. The firm is a locally owned and operated business with the priority of helping clients reach their retirement goals in diversifying portfolios with metals that meet regulatory codes, procedures following the required guidelines with the optimum security in IRS-approved facilities ultimately chosen by the client.

Diversifying A Retirement Portfolio With Gold / Silver Or Other Precious Metals

Investors receive a layer of flexibility when investing in a self-directed IRA that goes above stocks, mutual funds, bonds and allows a bit of diversity into more physical assets, including various precious metals like palladium, silver, gold, or platinum.

Investing in this way is increasingly popular for retirees who hope to sidestep volatility from the market and inflation. Historically gold in particular shows stability in the face of uncertain economic times. Still, the prospect can be risky if you’re not careful.

There’s volatility that follows physical commodities the same as any type of investment. The idea of diversifying and taking fewer risks with paper assets sets in when you come closer to retirement age. At this point, you want to start protecting what you already built without too much concern over an aggressive climb. That’s the point when 401k plans roll over into self-directed precious metal IRAs roughly five or ten years before the time you hope to retire.

Some people are afraid to wait until the last minute to diversify their options believing this leaves little time to recover from substantial losses. These individuals will choose a “split plan.”

That’s where a conservative portion of their portfolio will be dedicated to precious metals to stabilize the portfolio until the time of retirement. After two decades of genuinely harsh markets, investors are wary of loss immediately before their retirement date.

Choosing Your Precious Metals Dealer

Anywhere there’s a dollar to be made, you’ll find scams circling the possible victims, and that’s no different in the world of precious metal investing. The dealer you select needs to be chosen with due diligence.

There are merely a handful of reputable experts who have time in the industry, like Lear Capital, helping clients since 1997. That’s challenging to find in the industry unless you’re a knowledgeable, reliable company with your client’s best interests as your priority. Some things to consider when finding the ideal business:


A self-directed IRA backed by physical metal is one that needs storing in a safe and secure facility. Keeping custody of the metal yourself is not an option.

The IRS dictates that the gold or other precious metals go in an IRS-approved depository. Often a dealer will act as a custodian as well as the dealer and can recommend the appropriate facilities to you.

But you must learn these details before signing on with a firm. Even if the dealer doesn’t perform custodial services, a reputable firm can recommend a prominent custodian, and that custodian can refer to the best depository.

The team of three will work together to ensure the proper handling of your self-directed precious metal IRA.


Not every firm offers investments that are “currency grade.” That’s where it’s critical for due diligence when researching, examining, and taking some gut instinct when investigating, so you don’t end up in a scam.

Typically you can do well in asking for references from close friends and relatives, possibly former clients, read testimonials, and check the authoritative sites like the better business bureau and local consumer affairs. Still, it will take genuinely looking at every detail and having everything put in writing before you commit to signing on.


Lear Capital is a genuine contender for the ideal dealer for providing self-directed IRA accounts backed by precious metals. Does that mean it’s the firm that will meet your specific needs? That’s why you do extensive research.

Your specific needs, desires, wants, and wishes should specifically be researched against all the reputable firms that specialize in these particular products so that you can match their offerings to those requirements. Learn how to start retirement planning if silver or gold should be a part of your retirement.

When you find the one that meets each detail, that’s the one for you. But make sure every need is met. Don’t settle.

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