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Choose Between Family Bankruptcy or Paying the Mortgage


If you have enough income to continue facing the mortgage payment, but not to deal with all the expenses that you must deal with as a family, truth is you can be in a case of family bankruptcy. Also you are in between of choosing family bankruptcy or paying the mortgage. You will surely have questions like: what happens to your mortgage when you file bankruptcy or; even what happens to my mortgage if i declare bankruptcy; also should I pay mortgage if i am filing for bankruptcy? Let us understand more about this in detail.

If you are facing this situation, you still have a choice as you can file for bankruptcy (family bankruptcy). In doing so, they paralyze interrupt payments, interest on the debt and the executions in the course. It makes it possible to achieve a reduction of up to 50% debt and lets get up to five years of deferral.

Lean how to get financial freedom always, so that you don’t have to come towards bankruptcy. You’re still in time to solve your problem in an easy way. The family bankruptcy law has come as a ball of oxygen for you to correct your financial imbalances through new pacts with banking institutions (creditors). Let us understand what is bankruptcy and what is family bankruptcy initially.

What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is known as the condition assuming that the total liabilities to which the person, whether natural or legal, must make front is higher than its assets. In other words, bankruptcy means a legal proceeding involving an entity or; a person who is unable to clear their outstanding debts. The term “bankruptcy” is used less today, in comparison to ‘company in debt’. This means, it is a judicial proceedings with the intention of attending the creditors according to the order or priority that legally able to collect their rights.

When you file a bankruptcy, it can either liquidate your debts or even develop a new plan for repayment. Even bankruptcy is filed when; Individuals who really want to make a new plan to pay back portion of its debts. Mostly people who filing this type of bankruptcy, they pay specified amount each month for few years to the court. Bankruptcy court then distributes those funds to settle repayment to creditors.

There are two types of bankruptcies broadly. A voluntary bankruptcy occurs when a person in debt files petitions in the court to begin a liquidation proceeding. Secondly, an involuntary bankruptcy occurs when the creditors file a petition in the court; asking to start an insolvency procedure against their debtors as per bankruptcy law. It is your duty that you understand some of the common errors in financial planning when you are making a new plan.

What is Family Bankruptcy?

Family bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings of natural person, is a judicial proceeding in which the debtor’s family, filed a demand the Court to apply for judicial relief or respite when debts are drowning him and is today insolvent.

The family with this statement of contest or insolvency paralyzes the claims of all the creditors, as well as the interests of the same. Banks cannot file any lawsuit since it is in a situation of bankruptcy.

How the Family Bankruptcy Process Takes Place?

It is always advised that you have personal financing checkup before taking any big step. Once declared the contest or bankruptcy in court, his lawyer requested that family incomes are required by the Court a fixed monthly amount to meet the basic needs of every day. For example, rental or payment of mortgage, food, school fees, clothing, light, travel, etc. The remainder or surplus is retained to reach an agreement with its creditors. Normally banks and it can repay the debt with a delay of 5 years and a reduction or removes from the debt of up to 50%.

This procedure is workable when the family with his income can pay the mortgage or the rent of the House. In-case it fails to pay others provide us personal or credit cards. With the Declaration of insolvency paralyzes the interests of those loans and cards and they cannot sue the Court. Normally these creditors admit with the lengthening of the term debt for his return.

Once you reach an agreement, court approves and the family comes out of the competition. They has the obligation to comply with the agreement. The average of this process time is 12 months.

Regulations of the Family Bankruptcy

The law governing family bankruptcy is bankruptcy law, which is obsolete and was intended exclusively for commercial traffic. Since family bankruptcies increased, it force the government to adopt a specific law for family bankruptcy. Since at the moment they are processed and the truth is that they are passing with relative ease.

The Government begins the litigation processes, since they are in a legal vacuum. Regardless of all this rules governing also there are all kinds of situations negotiations. You need to hire a lawyer to study your case. As each case cannot generalize. Since each case is different, one needs to analyze the customer options and possibilities and then start working on them.

What Happens to Mortgage When You File Bankruptcy?

You should always think of how to get out of debt on a low income initially. Let us see what is the downside of filing for bankruptcy along with some of the effects of declaring bankruptcy. Here we will understand answer for your question regarding, what happens to your mortgage when you file bankruptcy or; should I pay mortgage if i am filing for bankruptcy; also what happens to my mortgage if i declare bankruptcy. Let us see.

  • Bankruptcy is an tedious and painful procedure to deal with obligations. In any case, their is a risk of losing property, personal credit and even beyond one can measure.
  • In many case when you file bankruptcy, not all your property can be seized. Mostly assets like cash in hand, vehicle and property are excluded from any liquidation procedure. Also it consider worth of those assets as well before evaluation of liquidation process.
  • Should I pay mortgage if i am filing for bankruptcy? yes, you can keep your home loan installments ongoing in the event to keep your home with you. Bankruptcy will release any of your personal liabilities for the home toward the finish of the case. So you should regularly make payments to lender for the property installments to repay it.
  • Is there any effects of declaring bankruptcy on property? In most cases, No. Bankruptcy doesn’t effect your property loan. You keep on making your home loan installments during, after and till end of all the process of bankruptcy.

Hope this article will have given you clear understanding on what is bankruptcy as well as what is family bankruptcy. You would have got good knowledge on choosing between family bankruptcy or paying the mortgage. Here you would have got mostly all the answers for your questions. what happens to mortgage when you file bankruptcy; should I pay mortgage if i am filing for bankruptcy. Even, what is the downside of filing for bankruptcy; and what are the effects of declaring bankruptcy.

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