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What is Business Finance with Examples


Finance is the soul of any business company. A significant role is played right from the start of a company’s existence and continues to play an essential part in its development and expansion. Business finance has progressed significantly from the days of conventional means of funding. Allow us to have a better understanding of what is business finance, examples of business finance and definition of business finance by different authors.

When it comes to very large corporations, business finance committees are frequently formed to make significant financial choices. In small businesses, the financial activities are often handled by the owner-manager. Lower-level employees do the majority of the day-to-day tasks associated with corporate finance. These tasks include processing borrowing money from commercial banks on a regular and ongoing basis, cash transactions and disbursements, and developing cash budgets.

Business Finance Definition

Business finance define as an area of finance that focuses particularly on the way in which large companies have the ability to create and sustain a certain value by making efficient use of all resources; They are strongly linked to disciplines such as economics and accounting. The main objective possessing business finance is to maximizing the value corresponding to the shareholders of the company or to the owners of it.

Starting from the main objective of business finance, which is to maximize profit for shareholders and owners, one of the circumstantial factors before to carry them out is undoubtedly the amount of the contribution of measurement a decision, precisely to meet this factor, have created different types of technical analysis and valuation of assets.

Meaning of Business Finance

A method to utilized for financing a business is the actual meaning of Business Finance. Ideally your own, through proper instruments which are financial. Business Loan is just a way that is great fund your business and offer the day-to-day operational cost and it is extremely popular among entrepreneurs.

Nevertheless, you can find alternate methods and this can be employed for company funding, or even to obtain capital that is sufficient a business like crowdfunding, selling shares associated with company as stocks, funding from investors etc. but, these methods are too difficult to follow therefore the business owner has very rare opportunities to be successful using these ways of company funding.

What is Business Finance?

Business finance is a term that means a variety that is wide of and disciplines revolving across the management of money as well as other valuable assets.

Business finance programs in universities familiarize students with accounting methodologies, investing strategies and debt management that is effective. Business owners need to understanding that is solid of principles of finance to keep their businesses profitable.

Definition of Business Finance by Different Authors

Here are some of the top list of definition of business finance by different authors. You can consider this for your reference as a part of additional knowledge. Below is the list which you can check it out!

“Business finance is concerned aided with the sources of funds available to enterprises of all sizes and the proper use of money or credit obtained from such sources.” – Professor Gloss and Baker

“Business finance is to planning, controlling, coordinating and implementing financial activities of the business institution.” – E.W Walker

“An activity that satisfies the needs and desires regarding the community financial and arranged a company to engage in such tasks.” – Musselman and Jackson

“Financial management is concerned with financing, acquisition and management of assets with some overall goal in mind,” – James C Van Horne

“Business is an institution which produces goods and solutions demanded by people”. – Brown and Petrello

“Business is an organization that provides items or services in an effort to earn profit”. – Griffin and Ebert (1996)

“Business is all those activities taking part in supplying the items and services needed or desired by people.” – Stenford

Business Finance Examples

Let us take an example of business finance to understand in detail. Assume Sameer has chosen to purchase a modern designer sofa set for his family. The sofa set has been offered by the dealer for Rs. 2 Lakhs. However, Mr. Sameer only has Rs.150,000 saved for the sofa set. Mr. Sameer goes up to a finance company and completes an application to borrow additional Rs.50,000 so he will have money that is enough to buy a brand new sofa set.

Once Mr. Sameer completes the application, the finance company product reviews his request. They look at his credit report, which details everybody else that Mr. Sameer has borrowed from within the past. They look at such things as: Did he repay the loans previously? Does he owe others too much right now and should not be approved for additional funds? Did he make his payments on time? All among these are essential questions that the finance company has to understand before approving Mr. Sameer request.

The cash he has to buy the sofa set if the loan is approved by the finance company. Mr. Sameer will sign an email that is promissory which is a legal document stating that he will repay the loan. The note that is promissory details the loan interest price, the repayment terms, the quantity lent, last but not least, any belated fees if the loan becomes delinquent. This is one of the best business finance example which will help you to understand the concept clearly.

Key Concept of Business Finance

Primary concept of business finance are categorized into four different groups. They are:

Investment Decisions

First we have the investment decisions, which usually always taken based on the study that the company makes on the assets which will make the investment.

Dividends Decisions

The second group of decisions on dividends, and in this particular case it is important to note that you must balance all the crucial aspects of the company. In a way, this implies remuneration in terms of equity of it and moreover it is limited to the organization of financial resources which you can use.

Financing Decisions

The third group is that of financing decisions, where the different ways to obtain the funds required so that the company can own assets in which you want to invest are studied.

Managerial Decisions

The fourth and last group corresponding to business finance is of managerial decisions, which are directly relationships with operational and financial decisions that are made ​​every day.


The profitability and risk of a company’s operations are both influenced by financial decisions made by the company. The use of extra debt can also increase a company’s profitability, but greater debt entails a higher level of uncertainty. The aim and definition of business finance by different authors is to strike a balance between risk and profitability that will ensure that the long-term value of a company’s securities is maintained.

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