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Top 10 Best Startup Ideas with Low Investment and Entrepreneurship Ideas


In case you are looking for great ideas for small business or business with low startup cost then you are at right place. In this chapter, I am going to tell you the 10 Top Startup Ideas for young entrepreneurs, especially for University student  those are leaving the labour market, to realize that there are not enough jobs, the pay is poor and times are tough. The best thing in this case, and according to statistics, is attempting to start a business idea. After seeing recession in all the sectors and across the world, time has come to think for alternative sources of income as jobs are not as secured as it were earlier. You should not wait to get laid off to start a business idea you can start simultaneously. You can do ground work and test your startup idea before you plan to go big into it along with your current job role. People who are smart enough will prepare themself for bad times whereas others may screw their happiness in crisis. So start planting the roots of your startup ideas today.

Top 10 Best Startup Ideas or Entrepreneurship Ideas:

I’m going to give them to 10 startup business ideas that are of low investment and it is not necessary to register before the Treasury they can begin tomorrow. If you have a idea then don’t wait for right time, start a business today. You never know that your idea can be selected as one of the top entrepreneur ideas.

1. Internet Business:

In the list of top startup ideas, first of all you should make your business online. There are three reasons why I recommend this type of business for young people: first, because you know very well how to use a computer and the internet, and the use of social media tool like as facebook, twitter, etc. Secondly, because it requires little investment; the key to the young entrepreneur succeed is started small, and gradually grow both their experience and the invested capital. And third, takes time, and that’s something extra when one leaves the University.

2. Call Centers:

They have always been focused to large companies for being inaccessible to the owner or small businesses. After getting a denial, some companies are now focusing on the needs of small business. Since now days, companies are giving stress more on customer relationship management, and customer support after sales and services were always use to be their drawbacks. You can think of starting call center business as it’s on the growth and one of the easy online startup business ideas to make money from it.

3. Vending Machines:

With a very small investment and the correct contacts, you can start earning money automatically, by putting cigarettes, condoms, food, drinks, coffee vending machines, in areas where there is a demand. For example, universities are appropriate for this type of machine. The initial investment will vary, depending on the machine (type, size, and technology). For example, a machine to sell cigarettes costs approx. $500 dollars, while a coffee machine can cost up to $ 5,000. This is the best startup idea of business for young entrepreneurs and ideal for anyone with talent of selling goods. Given that you have to convince the owner of the establishment to your machine without cost in your shop or establishment.

4. Business Related to Use of Technology:

Young entrepreneur have almost natural knowledge of technology. This is an advantage and benefit from a business. There are places in the world where technology revolution hasn’t yet started. People are still unaware with the use of computer or technologies. This is one of the easy and small business ideas for college students without investment. For example, some business ideas can be:

  • A consultant to social media ( facebook, twitter, etc.) for companies.
  • To make internet pages or website.
  • To start providing video learning’s in the schools.
  • Teach adults to use your computer.
  • And many more.

5. Freelance:

The freelance is doing jobs from programming, write articles, create a website, translate a document, or any work that can send over the internet. In this startup idea of business for young entrepreneurs, there is no need for investment. This business idea can be started online from home without investment, but it requires the ability and time to develop the task. This can be considered as a quick startup business ideas or one of the best online startup ideas with very minimal investment on setting up online infrastructure and start making cash online.

6. Food Truck:

In those countries where it is permissible, food serving has proven to be a very profitable business idea if we bear in mind. In some countries it is recorded and listed as a top startup idea. The good thing about this idea is that requires much less investment to open a restaurant. Apart from this you can create a website with list of services where customer can contact you online. This can be considered as a best business with low startup cost for young entrepreneurship.

7. Services for Companies:

We can include countless services to the company, from the development of strategic plans based on the study of market and competition, developing marketing plans, helps hiring departments of external human resources and above all training to employees, both in the use of software and sales. Even coaching services both employee and executive level. In this sector we would find excellent business opportunities. This is one of the great startup ideas for small business who are planning to be a business player for a long period of time.

8. Software Training for Companies:

Selling software is easy for professionals. Many companies use new software and employees of that company need to learn using it properly. There are many complex application which company uses which even have user manual for learning’s, but still company faces hard time to get employee onboard on new software. Companies contact start-ups who provide trainings on that software for employees. Trainings can be of any type either online or class rooms. This is one of the top most business startup idea you should start thinking of.

9. Tutorial Services for Schools or Universities:

This idea of business for young entrepreneurs is very common on the internet. I wanted to add it because it has its pros and cons. On the one hand, it is ideal for those students who know the subject very well, and can teach others both to learn and how to pass the class. The disadvantage is that in my experience, people who pay for it do not by pass the exam. i.e., that they do not want to study, but at the time of the test, somehow you spend them the answers. This is not one of the easiest ways of making money or starting a business. Reputation places an important role in this type of organization.

10. Family Business:

The alternative to starting a business is to continue the family business. Several situations must be careful in this idea. It is advisable to have a good relationship with your family and also you should be interested in the family business, and has knowledge and skills to manage it. Many family businesses have gone bankrupt after the father passed the business to son, since he never learned what the business.

Another alternative to continue the family business is to diversify the business. I.e. use the business as a platform to create new business models or in other words, If you have a startup ideas, you can create a startup which is Child Company of your family business to support its business needs. An example, let’s say your family runs a bar. One way to diversify is to make restaurant business in the morning and evening handle bar model. Or for example, if rocker, you can make your band events in the bar.

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