Top 10 – Best Digital Marketing Tools for 2019 – 2020

Marketing world can be compared with an ant-hill: there is always some moving, something is always built, changed and improved. Marketers are always ready to offer their clients some new trick or fashionable idea. We are here today to provide some overview on Top 10 – Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2019 – 2020. We hope that you will like it. We would like to know from you about how much did you liked our article on best online marketing tools by your comments and feedback.

Top 10 – Best Digital Marketing Tools for your Business:

If you don’t have a team of over 100 marketers, it may become a challenge to be kept up-to-date of new marketing tools. Luckily, you have nothing to worry about, we have done this specially for you to implement the best digital marketing tools, build your own strategy and techniques for your business in 2019 – 2020 as advised by professionals.

1. List your Business:

First and foremost, important thing when analyzing digital marketing tools is, to make your business noticeable to customer by way of listing your business. You can choose some of the free and best marketing tools to list your business at listing services and online communities are Google My Business, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.

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2. Marketing Automation:

We live when time means more than money, that’s why it is important to save time for making routine tasks, like saving emails and files in electronic tables or coordinate several apps together and post Instagram photos in all social networks. Simple applets from IFTTT are run by other web-services according to users’ choice. There are a lot of e-commerce marketing platform provides high quality service to make your business more efficient. Some of the email marketing tools people take into consideration are MailChimp, Sumo, etc.

3. All Data at One Place:

The bigger your project gets, the more space for documentation you need. And a key point her to have it in one place to be able to study it at any moment you need. Simple solutions like Dropbox or Google Docs are always available.

4. Tasks Checking;

Your business is a living organism where something is always happening and, as a business owner, you will certainly wish to know what your workers are working on at this moment. Trello is a good tool of marketing to consolidate your business processes, to track the stage of each task and see how much your team has done. It’s a digital marketing management tool which will save your time, pain and frustration.

5. Online Advertising:

Search systems are nowadays widely used for marketing campaigns. It might be difficult to track your activity in Bing, Google, Facebook and Twitter at once. You are very lucky as there are tools for this purpose. AdStage can show you information about all PPC campaigns you have launched and inform about results.

6. Content Marketing:

One of the best online marketing tool is content marketing. As their primary principle is to make use of content to attract their customers, convert them and retain those customers. Some of the best free digital marketing tools for small businesses are wordpress, youtube, quora, etc.

7. Visitors Data:

We have decided to start our list from best digital marketing tools for entrepreneur and small businesses provided by Google – Google Analytics. Some mistakenly refer it to traffic measurement aid, however it is just half of the truth. Using this tool, you can track activity of every visitor. You may see that certain social media campaign attracts tons of traffic to your website and after analysis of the results you get, you can tune your further campaigns to keep the same result or even higher.

8. Search Engine Optimization:

Each marketer needs a tool to make a research of keywords, optimize content or check current position of already existing pages. Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends and SEMrush are our good friends, but how should you know that you move in right direction. Think of Ryte, HubSpot and Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension.

9. Education and Up-Skilling:

It is always nice to have time for self-education, especially if you have face a very challenging task at work and have to google a lot to resolve. But seminars, courses and all similar activities were specially designed to refresh your knowledge and get a new look at current state. Luckily, we don’t even have to leave our houses to study something new as resources like Udemy, or Skillshare are happy to offer education online.

10. Communication:

Digital century allows us to work remotely and there is definitely no surprise that half of your team can be located a world away. Of course, we have Skype, but you may consider something else that can be integrated into Trello, Gmail and other services. By the way, Slack is a good option for it.

What’s in the world?

We are happy that you continue reading our post, but we have to admit that information we offer now, may be too obsolete in a year. How to stay in touch with the world? There is a big range of different news portals. You may choose any source you like, set it as a default home page in your browser to learn about new trends immediately.

We hope that our top 10 – best online marketing tools for business and entrepreneur overview has given you a thought and will improve your professional life. Write us, if you have an idea to complete our list.

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