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How to Start a Company or a Business – Step by Step Guide for Beginners


To start your own business is not just having a dream. There are real steps that you must take to be sure that your business to a successful start. So what are the things that you should keep in mind when launching your dream project? These top 10 key steps will help to develop a successful business plan whether in India or any other part of the world. Here in this chapter, you’ll find all the detailed steps if you have really considered seriously about creating your own private company.

Top 10 – Key Steps to Start a Company or a Business

Let us discuss about some of the important point that you should consider when you are developing strategy or planning to start your own a successful business or a company:

Finds What Really Suits You

To succeed, you have to combine your passion for the work and the skills you already possess, and you’ve learned. First and foremost, you not lead the business that you think that can be more profitable. Before creating your own private company, you must do a search within your own heart to determine what the business that really fits for you.

Without a doubt, if your new company to treat about something in which you have already worked or have any knowledge, that will be an advantage; but you can also enjoy success in an area where you have real passion but lack experience.

Also, make a list of all your skills and talents will be very useful. Ask yourself the following questions: what do you do in your free time? Have you have learned or acquired; how to improve technical knowledge? Do you have hobbies and interests that can be sold, distributed, or made? Do not forget also the factor of your own personality.

Are you an open and friendly person, or you are rather shy? Do you like to work in an office or outdoors? Every business has its own personality, and your own character should be a complement that you finally choose. Do not stop looking until you have found an idea that combines your love and passion for working with your talents of the market; and once you know exactly, it goes to the next step.

Evaluate / Research Your Business Idea

Learn to build a niche in the market is crucial for survival. Here you will know how to evaluate your chances of success. Many people have great ideas, but their businesses sink because there isn’t really an audience for their product or service. And so here we will help you to evaluate your great idea. Of course, to start a company good research will help you to know what will be the real expectations that your company succeed. But to know how to start a company you must ask yourself before these questions:

  • What problem solving is required for your product or service?
  • Who will buy your product or service? Why people buy your product?
  • Where do they buy it: in specialty stores, department stores, online, via Smartphone’s? What products or services will be competing to mine?
  • What is the break-even point of making profits? Do people will pay that price really?

To find out if your business idea will be successful, you need (well answers of such type of questions) to make a more formal market study. It’s a good idea that you meet with a business advisor or speak with a professor from University of business or marketing of your city. These sources will serve as a guide and will help you decide exactly the information you need to collect. You can also collect data for trends and statistics of industry associations. And when you check that your idea is feasible, you can proceed with the next step

Calculating Estimated Startup Costs for a Business

You must always have a good estimate of the money needed to start, and these tips can help you much. One of the steps to create a basic company is to determine how much money will be needed to open and operate your business before hanging the sign of openness.

So that your business runs smoothly in its infancy, you will need enough capital to cover all expenses until your private company begins to give you benefits. The experts recommend that new companies start with enough money to cover the costs of the project during the least 6 months.

To start a company or a business, it’s a bit naive to think that it will generate profits immediately – you better have a plan for all types of problems and contingencies. Create a list of disbursements. These tips can help you get started:

  • List the equipment, furniture, supplies and people needed to operate your business.
  • Specifies the initial costs for inventory, posters, sales and marketing tools, research and product development, licenses, permits, capital and legal fees or professionals.
  • Calculate overhead costs of rent, supplies, utilities, and health insurance business, taxes, internet access, shipping and other services.
  • It also has your salary and your employees or contractors rates.

To determine more accurately the estimated costs, a good rule of thumb is to assume that all cost more than you expect. Larger quantities estimated to have a safety net. Then calculate and check again these numbers before you start writing your business plan. You can also register your business as an LLC to protect you from personal responsibility for debts and liabilities. You could start an LLC in California, Georgia, Texas, or any state or country that does not fall under the list of OFAC-restricted countries.

Write Your Business Plan

To create your own company, the value of how to write a business plan goes much further help to give security to your enterprise. It is a document that will help you to prepare yourself for the opportunities, and also for the difficulties. It will make you see the weak points of your idea and be able to repair them. There are three primary parts that you have to make to know how to start a company:

The business concept, which analyze the industry, the structure of your company, your product or service, and how you plan to your company to succeed.

The market structure, where you describe and analyze potential clients: who and where are, what makes them buy, etc. You should also describe your competition and how you phrasing to shoot down them.

The financial section, which contains your income and expenditure of money, a balance sheet, and other financial ratios. This part may need help from your accountant and good software to do this.

Find Fundraising Funding

Many entrepreneurs mortgaged their business through personal savings, credit cards, or borrowing money from their families. To start a company, you may also qualify you for a micro-credit, or you can even fund you through crowd funding.

There are even organizations that give loans to special niches. Banks also offer special loans for businesses that begin with interest for this type of companies. Whatever it is, this is a task of research that must make you and analyze the method that suits you most.

Choose Your Business Name

The correct name can make that all talk about your company; the misnomer, ordered to the darkness and failure. How to start a company or a business is not just thinking about financing or your products or services; one of the most important steps is the put you name your company. You must put the same effort in creating a name as you put to write a business plan.

An effective name will establish your presence in the market and create a memorable impression. However, you must make sure that it is not already in use or is a name already patented.

You can consult with a lawyer on this to advise you properly, and avoid potential problems in the future. When you have found the right name, book it, patent it, and seeks that domain name and buy it. Even if you’re not going to sell products online, a web page today is crucial for advertising purposes.

Develop a Marketing Plan

To start a business, it is important to create an effective and successful business marketing plan. A marketing plan consists of strategies and devices use to communicate with your target audience. Get descriptions of its segments and your market, competition, and future customers in your business plan.

That will be the start of your marketing plan. Based on this information, now you can start to choose the channels of communication so that your business is known (blogs, radio, TV, Internet ads, advertising in the mailbox.)

Then prioritize your tactics and begins with those roads that in your research you have proven that they are the most effective for your customers. For example, if your business is about computers and computer accessories, the most logical thing is that you start advertising your business on the Internet and later passes to other routes.

Don’t forget that the most powerful marketing tool is your own customers. They (if you are satisfied with your product or service) will be those that advertise your business talking to friends, family, in blogs and forums of Internet. For this reason, it is additionally essential to have a good marketing plan, an excellent service plan the customer.

Building a Customer Support Team

Even if you think that you are an independent entrepreneur, you’ll need a computer that will help you create a successful business at the beginning. When one thinks of how to start a company, one of the major parties is also building a support team to succeed in this.

You should have a table of the Council which may include a mix of financial, legal advisors or mentors. You need to develop a network of advisers whose talents, knowledge, and skills can be used to help you manage your business demands. You can get together with them a few times a year to apply for their professional advice.

If you need to hire employees, you can consider to scholars, students, or people who work part time as your first employees. But remember: never hire the first person entering through your door only to rid you of that task as soon as possible.

When you create a company, especially if it is small, you can’t afford to load with a bad template of employees; so take your time to think well on the requirements that you want to have your employees before you begin to search for candidates.

Run a Marketing Campaign

The marketing plan and its execution are critical to respond to sales opportunities that may arise you and get a home with your company’s success. If you’ve already developed marketing strategy, it is time to put it into action. Your website, posters or advertising, business cards, and other marketing materials should be ready for distribution.

Configure automatic responses to reply to emails from your customers queries. Keep a prepared phone system so people can easily contact you. Any method that your buyers use to contact you, you must be prepared to answer them by the same route.

Start the action: send a press release to your local media announcing the opening of your business. Create a coupon offer to distribute the mailboxes, or grants an interview to a newspaper in your city. Whatever you do, don’t miss sitting on the chair waiting for customers and the people you flatter of heaven. It is necessary to publicize your business and continue to work your contacts to attract more visitors to your company.

Hang Your Poster of “Open”

You have already done all the legal work, all your permits and licenses and you have them in your hands. You have shelves full of your products and your advertising has been distributed. Now is the time to open your doors to more opportunities and success as an entrepreneur. You have reach to the stage where you can now to put a sign of open to let people know that you have start a company or a business.

Not only it is necessary to know how to create a company or how to start a company, also have to take into account what will happen next. Create a checklist of your sales so you can have a plan that you serve as a quick reminder of essential things.


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