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Best Types of Corporate Finance


There are a number of types of corporate finance which are around to a business during the growing phase. For many businesses, the major type of finance includes usually been by means of bank overdrafts or fixed term loans. There are various other types of corporate finance which are available for a company like: hire purchase, trade finance, leasing, invoice finance, partners, investors, venture capital and many more. Today here we are going to focus on some of the important types of corporate financing which you should generally think on it.

Types of Corporate Finance:

The types of corporate finance available is dependent upon that the time frame a business requires finance. These types of corporate financing are broadly categorized as short-term finance and long-term finance. Let us see below in more details:

1. Short-Term Corporate Finance:

Short term loans are types of corporate financing that are basically given to your short tenure concerning under one-year. These are mostly one-time loans and that can also be beneficial in-case you are not able to obtain financing from a bank for the long tenure loan. In case of such loans, the attention was commonly on interest payable with principal advance and repayment tenures to be for short as compared to other types of corporate finance.

1.a) Bank Overdrafts:

An overdraft comes when money is withdrawn after the banking account and there is zero balance in banks available balance. In this state the account was believed to be overdrawn. If these types of corporate finance has a prior agreement aided by the bank for the overdraft, and also the total overdrawn is actually in the authorized overdraft limit, then interest amount is charged at agreed rates. If the withdrawal balance exceeds that agreed terms, then extra charges can be charges and you may have to payback with the highest interest rate.

1.b) Trade Credit:

A trade credit is a part of your B2B agreement where a client can purchase goods / raw material in account without making any upfront payment, having to pay the supplier at later date. Commonly as soon as the goods / raw material are delivered, the best trade credit was given for the definite number of days, mentioning 30, 60 or 90 days to make a payment. For example: Jewelry companies often extend trade credit to 180 days or perhaps much longer. These types of corporate finance is essentially credit that a company provides to another to buy their products and services.

1.c) Accrual Accounts:

Businesses typically use any one from two fundamental accounting for their bookkeeping systems they are: accrual basis or cash basis. Most businesses follow accrual basis method for their company. Using accrual technique, expenses and income to be recorded as they occur, despite whether or not cash or check is received or paid. A great example for this accrual accounts is a sale in credit. That the sale is actually entered in accounting books whenever invoices are generated rather than when the cash is actually received. Likewise, an expenses is entered in the books of account when goods are ordered or an employee raises expense report and not when cash / check is actually been paid.

1.d) Financial Lease.

Finance lease is a types of corporate finance in which the financial company or institution is normally an owner for the resource or assets till the repayment of lease. While lessee not just has operating control of your asset, and has a substantial share associated with economic risks from change in your valuation of your underlying assets.

1.e) Operating Lease:

Operating lease actually agreement enabling for the usage of a valuable asset although cannot convey legal rights of ownership of assets. These types of corporate financing through excellent operating lease represents your off-balance sheet financing of assets, in which a leased asset then connected liabilities of upcoming rent repayments are definitely not included in the balance sheet of the company.

1.f) Hire Purchase Or Outright Purchase:

Buying products, equipment’s outright could initially look like better option, but it’s continuously good plan to give some thought on other types of corporate finance to whether or not this makes best utilization of your working-capital. It may be most cost-effective towards leasing or perhaps renting particular assets. It depends always on your mind-set towards assets ownership. Lot of companies preferring in order to rent his or her assets over time – where it has an even cash-flow over the lease cycle. For examples: assets such as cars, trucks definite move towards renting after the last recession because this offers known, effortlessly budgeted costs.

2. Long-Term Corporate Finance:

Long-term financing are definitely loans that you repay over a period out of one year or much longer, generally month-to-month installments. The utmost benefits of the long-term loan are low-interest rates as well as minimum monthly payments, considering payments tend to be spread-out more over a long duration. Still you need really good credit history as well as an qualify established business in order to select these types of corporate finance.

2.a) Bank Loan:

Bank loan is considered the most common types of corporate finance for a business. Bank loan provides medium to long-term finance options. Bank sets their fixed period / time for repayment when loan is actually provided (For example: 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 years) along with the interest rate on the principal amount.

2.b) Merchant Loan:

Merchant loans looks over the years the bank dealing with commercial loans, retail financing, and also investment. In the modern world these types of corporate finance term is much more narrowed which means, it refers to the best financial institutions providing funding to businesses in the type of shared ownership rather than loans.

2.c) Debentures:

Debentures are types of corporate financing for medium-term to long-term debt financing mainly focused by large organizations to borrow money, at a fixed rates of interest. Their legal term debenture originally called up to a report in which either creates a debt to acknowledges it, although in a few countries the term like: bond, notes, loan stocks are used to represent debentures. A debenture is therefore like a certificate to loan bond evidencing your fact that the organization is liable to repay loan amount along with fixed interest rate agreed upon. These type of corporate financing through debentures have becomes a part of the organization’s capital structure.

2.d) Equity Issuance:

An equity issuance term is used for a sale stock or new equity by a company to investors. Equity issuance do include a private sale, in which the transaction anywhere between investors as well as the company happens either directly or publicly. Two common types of corporate finance investor can opt with equity issuance is primarily a general public offerings (IPOs) as well as Secondary equity offerings (SEOs as FO). This is among the methods companies finance themselves, that is, they get funds from people in order to perform business operations.

2.e) Flotation:

Flotation is the process of converting an exclusive private company into general public company with issuing shares to the public. It’s a type of corporate financing which allows companies to obtain funding externally rather than with maintained earnings to investment funds in expansion or new projects. Flotation term is commonly used in the United Kingdom, whereas Going Public term is widely used in the United States.

2.f) Stock Dilution:

Stock dilution is commonly known as equity dilution. Stock dilution means that it decreases in current shareholder’s ownership of a company as a consequence of the company issuing new equity. Brand new equity improves each complete shares great that has the dilute effect on that ownership percentage to present investors.


A well drafted presentation displayed should be very carefully selected when choosing a right types of corporate finance for your company which best suits your business requirements and necessities. It’s worthwhile investing sufficient time, planning and energy to choose the types of corporate financing for your business. Let us know what you have thought for your business as a guideline for others.

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