Basics of Business for Beginners Module

Are you aware of business fundamentals? Do you know business management strategies? Have you ever thought why business ethics and communication plays an important role in business planning? Do you follow all the steps of project life cycle in your business? Are you new to business world and looking for business for beginners course or a guide?

Business for Beginners Module:

In this tutorial e-learning course you will learn the basics of Business. This course will empower your knowledge on Business. After taking this course you will have sound knowledge on business planning, implementation of business ideas in your business plans and how you can improve your business mangement and strategy to become a successful businessman.

E-learning course details: Course duration for Business for beginners module is approximately 120 minutes. This course consists of series of chapters given below. At the end of the tutorial course you can take the quiz to check how far you have understood about Business. You can also publish your quiz score’s on website and share with your friends and team mates. Best of luck!


- Tutorial Course - Basics of Business for Beginners Module -

» Chapter 1: How to Start a Business? Step by Step Guide for Beginners to Business Basics.

» Chapter 2: Business Basics and Fundamentals for Beginners before writing a Business Plan.

» Chapter 3: Top 10 Best Small Business Ideas with Low Investment to Start a Business.

» Chapter 4: Top 10 Secret Rules on how to be a Successful Business Owners in the world?

» Chapter 5: What is Online Marketing? Definition, Terms and Campaign Strategies.

» Chapter 6: What is Business Administration? Functions and Fundamentals.

» Chapter 7: What are Business Administrative Process and Procedures?

» Chapter 8: What is Business Management? Definition, Fundamentals and its Effects.

» Chapter 9: What is Business Analysis? Definition, Techniques and Methodologies.

» Chapter 10: What is Business Project? Definition, Types of Project Management.

» Chapter 11: What is Project Life Cycle? Definition, Stages, Phases of Project.

» Chapter 12: What is Business Ethics? Definition, Types and its Importance.

» Chapter 13: What is Business Intelligence? Definition and Components of BI Tools.

» Chapter 14: What is Corporate Social Responsibility? Definition, Types and its Importance.

» Chapter 15: What is Business Communication? Definition, Examples and its Importance.

» Chapter 16: What are the different Methods, Modes and Types of Business Communication?

» Chapter 17: What is Communication Strategy? Definition, Examples and Types of Barriers.

» Chapter 18: Business Quiz – Basics of Business for Beginners Module.

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