Basics of Futures Trading For Beginners Module

Are you aware of how to trade in futures? Do you know opportunities to earn money trading futures contract? Have you ever thought why derivative markets plays an crucial role in any financial markets? Do you know what is leverage, hedging, margin in futures trading? Are you aware of what is short sale or open interest in futures derivative market? Are you new to futures trading and looking for basics of futures trading for beginners course or a guide?

Futures Trading For Beginners Module:

In this tutorial e-learning course you will learn the basics of Futures Trading. This course will empower your knowledge on basic terms and how to trade in futures market. After taking this course you will have sound knowledge on futures trading, basic concepts and terms of trading in derivative markets and you can start paper trading in futures markets to gain practical understanding. Once you are comfortable you can start live trading in any of the futures market.

E-learning course details: Course duration for Futures Trading for beginners module is approximately 50 minutes. This course consists of series of chapters given below. At the end of the tutorial course you can take the quiz to check how far you have understood about trading in futures. You can also publish your quiz score’s on website and share with your friends and team mates. Best of luck!


- Tutorial Course - Basics of Futures Trading for Beginners -

» Chapter 1: What is Futures Contract and Types of Future Contracts?

» Chapter 2: What is Futures Trade and How to Trade in Future Markets?

» Chapter 3: What is Leverage and Payoff? Definition with Example.

» Chapter 4: What is Shorting or Short Sale? Definition and Rules.

» Chapter 5: What is Nifty Futures and How to Trade in Nifty futures?

» Chapter 6: What are Futures Prices? Definition and Effects of Dividends.

» Chapter 7: What is Hedging? Examples and Hedging Strategies.

» Chapter 8: What is Open Interest? Examples and Analysis.

» Chapter 9: What is Margin and M2M (Mark to Market)?

» Chapter 10: What is Margin Trading? Advantages and Risk of Leverage.

» Chapter 11: What is Hedger, Speculator and Margin Calculation?

» Chapter 12: Futures Trading Quiz – Basics of Futures Trading for Beginners.


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