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Investing Quiz – Basics of Investing for Beginners Module


This is a quiz for your investment and financial planning. Take investing quiz questions with answers to test your knowledge on “Basics of Investing for Beginners module”. In today’s world finance and investment knowledge is very important for well-being, and lack of financial and investment knowledge is not acceptable at personal and organization level. Let us check are you ready to control of your investments?

Let us check how much do you understand about what is investment, investment objectives along with types of investing risks. In this course we have also learned about important thumb rules for investing, how to invest in stocks, how to calculate returns and how can you become smart and successful investor. We have also seen how to calculate simple and compounding interest and also rules for compounding interest. Most important is that, now we know the difference between trading, investment and Speculation? Take a quiz at the end of “Investing for Beginners tutorial course” and test your knowledge on investment related matters and scenarios.

Investing Quiz – Investing for Beginners

1: Generating and preserving capital wealth.

2: Investing for retirement plans.

3: Investing to give bright future to children.

4: All of the Above.

All of the Above.


1: To beat growing inflation rate.

2: Building capital for next generation.

3: To achieve financial goals quickly.

4: All of the Above.

All of the Above.


1: Debts / Bonds / Fixed income deposits].

2: Stock Market / Mutual funds.

3: Assets or Real Estate.

4: Commodities (Gold / Silver / Other Precious Metals).

5: All of the Above.

All of the Above.


1: Investing in purchasing vehicle.

2: Investing in purchasing gold or other precious metals.

3: Investing in purchasing assets (For eg: House).

4: Investing in shopping fashion style.

Investing in purchasing gold or other precious metals.


1: Check company details.

2: Check company website.

3: Check license of the company.

4: All of the Above.

All of the Above.


1: Risk of reputation.

2: Risk of capital investment.

3: Risk of returns with growing inflation rate.

4: Risk of taxation.

Risk of capital investment.


1: 30-40 years.

2: 20-30 years.

3: 40-50 years.

4: 50-60 years.

20-30 years.


1: Positive Attitude.

2: Negative Attitude.

3: Pridefulness Attitude.

4: Affective Attitude.

Positive Attitude.


1: When you are beginner or amateur investor.

2: When you are expert in investment.

When you are expert in investment.


1: Diversify your investment.

2: Identifying investment options.

3: Take an investment tips.

4: Review your portfolio periodically.

Diversify your investment, Identifying investment options and Review your portfolio periodically.


1: Compound Interest.

2: Affective Interest.

3: Simple Interest.

4: Scalable Interest.

Simple Interest and Compound Interest.


1: Be aware of investment process.

2: Stick to your drafted investment plan.

3: Review and monitor your invesment returns.

4: All of the Above.

All of the Above.


1: 12.

2: 22.

3: 16.

4: 9.



1: 4.

2: 2.

3: 6.

4: 8.

5: 10.



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