Accounting Quiz – Basics of Accounting for Beginners Module

This is a quiz for your financial planning. Take online accounting quiz questions with answers to test your knowledge on “Accounting for Beginners module”. Let us check how much do you understand about accounting concepts and principles.

In today’s world financial knowledge is very important for well-being and lack of financial knowledge is not acceptable at personal and organisation level. Take a quiz at the end of “Accounting for Beginners tutorial course” and test your knowledge on accounting related matters and scenarios.

Accounting Quiz - Accounting for Beginners

There are total 10 question each caring 10 points. Maximum points you can earn is 100 if you answer all the questions correctly. Do not forget there is a time frame for the quiz. Click on the “Start Quiz” button to start the quiz.

Best of Luck !


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- Tutorial Course - Basics of Accounting for Beginners -

» e-Learning Chapter 1: What is Accounting with Examples

» e-Learning Chapter 2: Objectives of Accounting

» e-Learning Chapter 3: Types of Accounts

» e-Learning Chapter 4: Branches of Accounting

» e-Learning Chapter 5: Accounting Process

» e-Learning Chapter 6: What is Assets and Current Assets?

» e-Learning Chapter 7: What is Liability and Current Liabilities?

» e-Learning Chapter 8: What is Revenue and Expenses?

» e-Learning Chapter 9: What is a Single Entry System?

» e-Learning Chapter 10: What is Double Entry System?

» e-Learning Chapter 11: What are Journal Entries? Format and Examples.

» e-Learning Chapter 12: What Is a General Ledger? Format with Example.

» e-Learning Chapter 13: What is a Trial Balance? Examples and Limitations.

» e-Learning Chapter 14: What is a Profit and Loss Statement or Income Statement?

» e-Learning Chapter 15: What is a Balance Sheet? Definition, Format and Examples.

» e-Learning Chapter 16: What is Managerial Accounting? Role, Job and Objectives.

» Take a Quiz: Accounting Quiz – Basics of Accounting for Beginners Module.


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