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How To Calculate Income Tax for Salaried Person In India - Wikipedia of Finance
Income Tax is the measure of a taxable amount you are subject to pay as tax contingent depending on tax slab based on your income. During computation, your final taxable income is determined by applying the tax rates in power during the financial year. Final tax amount to be paid […]

How to Calculate Income Tax for Salaried Person in India   Recently updated !

Components of Working Capital Management - Aspects of Working Capital Management - Wikipedia of Finance
Effective management out of working capital is actually essential for the profitability as well as maintaining financial stability of any business. For efficient management you should know the various aspects of working capital management as well as different components of working capital management. Working capital is the funds, which is […]

Components of Working Capital Management   Recently updated !

Wiki-Finance-pedia - Classification - Kinds - Different Types of Working Capital - Wikipedia of Finance
Working capital is actually your capital / funds necessary for day-to-day operations for the business. Balance sheet divides working capital into net working capital as well as gross working capital. Operational Capital is been split into different types of working capital based on operating cycle as well as balance sheet. […]

Top 10 – Types of Working Capital   Recently updated !

It is never too early to start deliberating about your future. No one can say what life holds for them in the future. As time goes by when the number of responsibilities on your shoulders increases, the uncertainty of future becomes a burden. That is why, to make sure that […]

Best SBI Term Insurance Plans – Facts, Benefits with Features

Objectives of Working Capital - Objectives of Working Capital Management - Wikipedia of Finance
Management of working capital is one of the key objectives of working capital management. It assists the business management to properly allocate their resources in order to achieve quarterly business goals and objectives. Applying the correct ratios will reveal the management strategies and techniques along with some additional necessary analysis. […]

Objectives of Working Capital Management

United Linked Insurance Plans - ULIP Plan - ULIP Calculator - Features, Benefits, Advantages of ULIP - Wikipedia of Finance
When you start a job, plans for your future start to take shape. Things like investment options and insurance policies become a part of your daily concerns. While you surely know about different Insurance Plans, Best Term Insurance Plans, Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP Plan) and various schemes to invest […]

ULIP Plan – Benefits, Advantages and ULIP Calculator

Wikifinancepedia - How to Retire Early at 40 - 45 Years of Age - Wikipedia of Finance 1
How to retire early at 40 – 45 years of age? Retiring early is pretty awesome. It is very easy to see early retirement as a natural solution to a number of problems in your life. There is a general notion that retirement is all about enjoying every day of […]

How to Retire Early? Don’t Miss These Points

Wikifinancepedia - Tax Saving Options in India - Wikipedia of Finance 1
Are you looking for tax saving options in India? or Tax saving investment options in India for salaried and non-salaried individual? then you are at right place. According to the constitution, every individual who has an income that falls under a tax bracket is liable to pay taxes accordingly. While […]

Best Tax Saving Options in India

Financial Management Quiz - Questions and Answers - Financial Management Basics - Wikipedia of Finance
This is a quiz for your financial management. Take financial management quiz questions and answers to test your knowledge on “Financial Management Basics for Beginners module”. Check how much did you understood about financial management, budget planning, tax planning, investment decision, sources of finance, how to fundamentally analyze, evaluate, monitor, control […]

Financial Management Quiz – Financial Management Basics For Beginners

Steps in Financial Management Process Flow Chart Diagram - Wikipedia of Finance
Financial management process means a way by which appropriate expenses are been budgeted, planned, reported, tracked, controlled, evaluated and approved. Financial management process is actually concerned with decision making in consider toward stage as well as strategy of corporate finance plus structure and size of assets. The primary goal of […]

Financial Management Process

Corporate Finance Basics For Beginners Module - Wikipedia of Finance
Are you aware of importance of corporate finance? Are you aware of various different types of corporate finance methods and strategies? Do you know the best opportunities for your company to invest, budget, evaluate and assess your corporate finance goals? Have you ever thought how to draw your road-map of corporate […]

Corporate Finance Basics For Beginners Guide

Corporate Finance Quiz - Question and Answers - Corporate Finance Basics - Wikipedia of Finance
This is a quiz for your corporate finance. Take corporate finance quiz questions and answers to test your knowledge on “Corporate Finance Basics for Beginners module”. Let us check how much do you understand about what is corporate finance? Why corporate financing is important for every company? What are the […]

Corporate Finance Quiz – Corporate Finance Basics For Beginners

What are the Three Types of Financial Management Decisions - Wikipedia of Finance
An organization requires financial management for various activities. For examples: approving loans or credit lines, hiring employees, building customer’s relationship, creating company’s credit rating, adjustment in budgets, managing cash inflow and outflow activities, risk management and more. One of the essential primary types of financial management decision is to build […]

Types of Financial Management