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Wikifinancepedia - Asset Performance Management (APM) – Definition, Process, Performance
Asset Performance Management Definition: A rational approach to manage the optimal deployment of assets in order to enhance effectiveness and certainty in product supply, prioritizing the real margin contribution by asset by product code is known as Asset Performance Management or APM. The driving force behind widespread reach of the […]

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Wikipedia of Finance – Project Portfolio Manager Meaning, Role, Responsibilities, Requirement, how to become a Portfolio Manager, Project Portfolio Management, Project Portfolio Optimization
You may be confused on what is the meaning of portfolio manager, how to become a portfolio manager, what are the portfolio manager requirements or education qualification required for this position, what are the roles and responsibilities of a portfolio manager, examples of investment portfolio managers, what is a role […]

Portfolio Manager – Definition, Responsibilities, How to Become a Portfolio ...

Wikipedia of Finance - Wealth Management and Private Wealth Management Definition, Types, Examples
Wealth Management Definition: A professional service provided by wealth managers which includes investment planning, accounting, tax planning, estate planning or retirement planning, portfolio and financial services management provided to business owners or a corporate for one set fee is called wealth management.  When this professional services are provided at international […]

Wealth Management and Private Wealth Management – Definition, Types, Examples

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Asset Allocation Definition: Implementation of an investment tactic that aims to bring the amount of risk involved and the reward in stable equilibrium by well adjusting the proportion of each asset in an investment portfolio with reference to the investor’s risk tolerance, goals and investment time frame. In simple words, […]

What is Asset Allocation – Definition, Strategies, Models, Examples