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What is Debt Management? Definition, Strategies, Plans with Examples

Debt Management Definition: A debt management is a contractual agreement between two parties (debtor and creditor) to safeguard their own interest. In simple words, terms and conditions defined by lender to the debtor to repay outstanding debts with pre-defined interest rate and duration of repayment. Probably, this is the most […]

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What is Crowdfunding and Power of Crowdfunding for Startups and Business 1

Crowdfunding Definition: Crowdfunding is the “financing of a project or an enterprise through many small contributions from many people, typically via the Internet”. Usually, crowdfunding projects are organized on the Internet. In most cases there is a defined minimum amount in advance that has to be achieved in a pre-loaded […]

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What is Options Trading and How does Options Trading Works: Basics of Options

Options Trading Definition: Options is one of the another type of investment opportunity for classy investors. Options are very complicated, tremendous risky and versatile and it is not appropriate or recommendable for one and all. Taking into account all sort of knowledge is must when trading into options, It’s too […]

What is Futures Trading? Who, Where, How to Trade in Future Contracts with examples

Futures Trading Definition: Unlike stock market traders, futures traders get the benefit to trade using only part of the capital which is entitled as “risk capital”. While futures trading can be used to effectively hedge other investment positions, they can also be used for speculation. Doing so carries the potential for […]

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What is Investment and How to Start Systematic Investment Plan 1

Investment Definition: Investment refers to investing money or purchase of goods or assets with the intension of making profit in the long run. For example: Investing money into bank fixed deposit, buying real estate assets, purchasing gold, Investing in financial assets like stocks, bonds, futures, currency, etc and selling on […]

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What is Investment and its objectives: Investing for Beginners

Are you beginner to investing? Are you looking forward for what is investment? Do you know about basics of investment? If you are searching for answer on the same; then you are at the right place. Here we are going to explain you what is investment, investment objectives, investing options and lot more. Investment […]