Top 10 startups in world to bet your career on in 2015-2016

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If you are looking to bet your career, you should know top 10 startups and enterpreneurs in the world to bet on.

There are people in the world who are looking to make their career working for facebook, whatsapp or other startup companies but they are confused with their decisions. Let us look forward for top 10 startups companies in the world valued at more than $1 billion by venture-capital firms where you can choose to make your career. You should seriously consider below top 10 startups and entrepreneurs where you can bet your career on.

List of Top 10 Startups and Enterpreneurs:

We have comeup with a list of 10 of the hottest startups in the world. To do so, we have collected data from various sources, investors, members. Our list includes startups based on our research data. Some of the names you might not have heard of yet. Read the detailed list of top 10 startups to choose the correct path for your career.

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1. Uber Technologies Inc.

An American company Uber was initially named as “UberCab” was founded by Travis Kalanick, Garrett Camp in the year 2009 providing worldwide transportation services. As per May 2015, Transportation services is available in 58 countires. After the success of Uber’s transportation services, many other organizations have implemented its plan of business which is now known as “Uberification” By year 2015, Uber Technolgies Inc. With net worth $62.5B was evaluated. Uber is ranked first amongst top 10 starups and enterpreneurs.

Founded in: March 2009 (Sector: Transport )

Founded by: Travis Kalanick (CEO), Garrett Camp

Headquarters at: San Francisco, California, United States

2. Xiaomi Inc.

A Chinese electronics company Xiaomi Inc. Was founded by Lei Jun in the year 2010. Xiaomi Inc. Is one from the world’s top 10 smart phone makers operating in selling and manufacturing smart phones, smart phone apps and other consumer electronic items.  As per Forbes, the CEO of the organization Lei Jun is ranked at 23rd wealthiest person. Around 60 million cell phones were sold in the year 2014. Xiaomi Inc. is the ranked second amongst top 10 starups and enterpreneurs.

Founded in: April 6, 2010 (Sector: Computer Electronics and Hardware)

Founded by: Lei Jun (CEO)

Headquarter at: Beijing, China

3. Airbnb

A website for listing and finding rental accommodation by Airbnb was founded by Brian Chesky in the year 2008. Website has more that 1,500,000 listings serving in 190 countries. Around US $0.12 billion was raised by Airbnb in 2011 and other rounds of funding by 2015 which evaluates Airbnb at $20 billion valuation. Airbnb is ranked third from top 10 startups and enterpreneurs

Founded in: 2008 (Sector: Travel)

Founded by: Brian Chesky (CEO), Nathan Blecharczyk (CTO), Joe Gebbia (CPO) , Laurence Tosi (CFO)

Headquarters at: San Francisco, California,United States

4. Palantir Technologies, Inc.

An American software organization, Palantir Technologies, Inc. Was founded in 2004 by Peter Thiel, Joe Lonsdale,Alex Karp, Stephen Cohen, Nathan Gettings. Palantir Gotham software is operated by counter-terrorism experts in the United States Department of Defense, United States Intelligence Community, digital examiners at Information Warfare Monitor, Fraud examiners at the Recovery Accountability and many more. Palantir Metropolis software is operated by speculative stock investments, banking and financial services institutions to serve state and local governments. In year 2015, Company worth at US $15 billion with an undisclosed round of funding.

Founded in: 2004 (Sector: Software)

Founded by: Peter Thiel, Joe Lonsdale,Alex Karp, Nathan Gettings, Stephen Cohen

Headquarters at: Palo Alto, California

5. Snapchat, Inc.

Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy, A student of Stanford University developed text, photo and video sharing software called as Snaps to the specified list of recipients where user can set how long recipients can view snaps after which it will be erased from servers. By Nov 2015, Company indicated that clients send 2 billion videos and photos, 500 million Stories and 6 billion recordings every day. As per source, Company worth at around US $15 billion in 2015

Founded in: 2011 (Sector: Social Networking, Photograph sharing)

Founded by: Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy

6. Didi Kuaidi

A Chinese transportation services was founded by Wei Cheng, Rui Wu, Bo Zhang in year 2015. Didi Kuaidi company is founded by merger of Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache. This companies has huge presents in China. Didi Kuaidi, a transportation organization indicates to have market capital of around 80% in private cars and 99% in taxis.

Founded in: 2015 (Sector: Transportation)

Founded by: Wei Cheng, Rui Wu, Bo Zhang

Headquarters in: Beijing, China

7. Flipkart

An Indian e-commerce business known as Flipkart  was founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in year 2007. From pen to computers, Flipkart selling almost everything.  Flipkart owned product DigiFlip has also been launched including USBs, Portable Laptop bags, tablets, etc. Flipkart raised funding by $210million in May 2014, $1 billion in July 2014, $500 million in May 2015 and many more. By 2015, Flipkart worth at around $15 billion valuation.

Founded in: 2007 (Sector: e-commerce)

Founded by: Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal

Headquarters in: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

8. SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corporation)

An American company operating in space transport services and aerospace manufacturing company founded by Elon Musk in year 2002. Company intention is to develop technologies for reducing space transportation cost.  Company has developed launch vehicles like liquid-propellant rocket (Falcon 1), Falcon 9 and spacecraft (Dragon). In 2006, SpaceX company has received contract from NASA called COTS (Commercial Orbital Transportation Services) to develop and design a resupply cargo launch systems. By May 2015, SpaceX has taken off 6 missions to ISS (International Space Station). NASA has signed contract called CCDEV (Commercial Crew Development) with SpaceX to design and develop human-rated Dragon.

Founded in: 2002 (Sector: Aerospace)

Founder by: Elon Musk

Headquarters in: Hawthorne, California,USA

9. Pinterest

A mobile and web application company called Pinterest was founded by Ben Silbermann (CEO), Evan Sharp  and Paul Sciarra in the year 2010. Registration is required for Pinterest to use an eponymous photo sharing website. Pinterest has raised its funding from an investors and small entrepreneurs. CEO mentioned as a “catalog of ideas” services rather than as a social networking services.

Founded in: 2010 (Sector: software)

Founded by: Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp

Headquarters in: San Francisco, California,United States

10. Dropbox Inc.

Students of MIT, Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi has founded company called Dropbox, Inc. For  a file hosting service offering  personal cloud, client software, cloud storage and file synchronization. Dropbox was founded in year 2007. Dropbox uses a business model called freemium, offering a free account with limited storage and premium subscriptions for additional capacity. Dropbox creates a special folder on their servers which then synchronizes files and folders to your account  to view same files and folder regardless of which computer  you use.

Founded in: 2007 (Sector: Software)

Founded by: Arash Ferdowsi and Drew Houston

Headquarters in: San Francisco, California, United States

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